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Product Description

  • The cover is made from 100% Polyester synthetic fiber.
  • The inside is coated with synthetic rubber (EPDM) Rubber.
  • Resistant to burst pressure at 600 PSI.
  • Temperature resistant at - 30 °C and up to + 50 °C.
  • Light weight, easy to use
  • Resistant to seawater, brackish water, ozone, ultraviolet rays.
  • Easy to clean, does not absorb water, can be rolled up and stored immediately after use without having to dry it first
  • Resistant to abrasion well, suitable for using both inside and outside the building


  • 1.5”x 20 meters
    1.5”x 30 meters
    2” x 20 meters
    2” x 30 meters
    2.5”x 20 meters
    2.5”x 30 meters


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