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Product Description
Part No.: NT-U01
Large Universal Valve Lockout with Blocking Arm 

Versatile, rugged, easy to use and lightweight, our universal valve lockouts are effective for all types of standard valves. Can also be used to lock out large levers, T-handles and hard-to-secure mechanical devices. New open-ended clamp fits over closed rings and wide handles. Made of industrial-grade steel and nylon for extra impact and chemical resistance.

  • Made from industrial grade steel and nylon.
  • This industrial valve lockout is a modular system which enables you to lock out valves of different types and sizes.
  • Such as large levers of valves, T-handles and other hard-to-secure mechanical devices.
  • No other device offers such flexibility and security.
  • Max handle width 40mm (handle max thickness 28mm).

NT-U01 Single Stop-arm All-purpose Ball Valve Lock

SKU: P090139
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