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- The Miller MightEvac combines the superior performance and reliability of the best-selling MightyLite Self-Retracting Lifeline Series with a quick-activating retrieval mechanism for emergency evacuation.
- The 7 ft. Miller tripod provides an ideal anchorage connection for our confined space and rescue customers looking for something that's high quality and lightweight. Our customers trust the sophistication of the Miller Tripod. It features adjustable legs with integral push pins in the case of uneven surfaces, with independent leg locking that holds the legs securely in place. It also has a safety chain, rubber skin pads, and a serrated edge to prevent slippage when the ground is iced over. Now you can work all year round! Made of high-strength aluminum, the tripod is much easier to transport to your job site. And even though it's light, it can still withstand the required 5,000 lbs. of vertical pull. The confined space and rescue equipment produced by Miller by Honeywell is among the most trusted in the fall protection industry.

Key Features:

Includes bright reflective tape
Strong aluminum construction
Independent leg-locking feature
7 ft. model
Extra features to prevent slipping on ice

- Miller 8442-Z7/65FT 8442 Z7/65FT ManHandler Hoist Winch Confined Space Entry
The Miller 8842-Z7/65FT ManHandler Hoist / Winch is perfect for a wide range of safety applications such as positioning, rescue, confined space entry, and material / personnel handling.
Additional fall arrest system recommended for proper fall protection.
Miller 8842 Z7/65FT Features
Durable, compact steel construction
Winding action is smooth and controlled
Effortless lowering and lifting with a gear ratio of 5:1
Crank handle anti backlash braking system to prevent freewheeling
Mounting bracket built in
400 pound (181.4 kilograms) working capacity
8842-Z7/65FT Certification
ANSI Z359-2007 standard compliant for connector that meets the 3600 pound gate requirements, ANSI Z117.1 & OSHA 1910.146 compliant

Miller 7 ft. Aluminum Confined Space Tripod 51/7FT

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