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Product Description


Insulated Buckets

Two parts of an insulated bucket truck, the bucket itself and the boom, have a dielectric fiberglass coating. This prevents electricity from flowing through the boom, damaging the equipment, or potentially electrocuting the operator. Typically, a boom has 3 insulating areas: one in the lower boom, one in the upper boom, and one in the bucket liner. All have different insulation ratings.

The fiberglass component certainly raises the price of the unit, whether it be new or used. But for industries like utilities, where linemen are repairing and maintaining power lines, the safety is well worth the price.


Insulated Bucket Boom Truck



    Out Size(mm) 8200X2520X3740
    Engine(KW) 202
    Max operation heigh 20m
    Max working range 12.6m
    Voltage 46Kv
    Up and down Insulation Length 4.5/0.6m

    Bucket load

    Turn able action Angle 360°
    Operation Angle 180°


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