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Description for Honeywell North Safety N75003L Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge, Organic, Respirator Low Profile | N75003L
Honeywell is transforming safety with intelligent solutions that work smarter, so you and your workers can stay safer anytime and everywhere. Honeywell masks are specially designed to protect the user from probable respiratory ailments originating from the polluted air in the cities. These masks have a 3 layer filter media which ensures the best protection. Comfort features like cotton ear bands and soft adjustable nose clips make it one of the best masks to wear for extended hours even in hot and humid conditions.

The 2-pack N75003L N Series Organic Vapor & Acid Gas Cartridge from Honeywell Safety Products is compatible with the 5500, RU8500, and 7700-series half masks and 5400, RU6500, and 7600-series full face masks. Once the cartridges are attached to the mask it provides protection from organic vapor, chlorine, hydrogen chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, and chlorine dioxide.

Honeywell Cartridge Organic Vapor-Acid Gas

SKU: P030007
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