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Product Description

Automated flagging Tape is a necessary commodity for any doorway, window, or construction site. It is used to mark off certain areas of the site for the protection of workers and to keep the area safe. If you work in a company with many commercial construction projects, everyone on your team should know how to use this essential product.


What Are The Colours Of Flagging Tape

The Tape colour of Fluorescent tapes can be different by industry, but still, they need to follow a loose colour code. Every colour of the Flagging Tape represents a different danger level.

Red             Lighting Cables, Electric Cables Etc.
OrangeOrange colour of flagging tapes represent Communication Lines, Cables, etc.
PinkThis coloured tape is referred to as Temporary Survey Markers.
Blue Blue Coloured Flagging Tapes are used to highlight Water Pipes.
YellowYellow-coloured Fluorescent tapes are used to mark Gas, Oil, Petroleum, Gaseous Pipes, and Steam Pipes.
PurpleThis tape is used to mark the irrigation, Slurry Lines, and Reclaimed Water.
WhiteThe Flagging Tape of White Coloured is used for proposed excavation routes.


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