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The fall control system is designed by researching directly by interacting with the workforce from various industries like the electrical, power plant, telecommunication, transport, aviation, oil & gas, mining and defence industries, fire rescue operations, exhibitions & events, considering their issues faced in everyday activities.

  • The worker is safe from the moment they leave the ground.
  • The stability system works from the ground up.
  • The fall control system stems from the increased base of support.
  • The ladder is secured with an integrated tether system.
  • Integrated rescue by the second user from the ground.
  • It allows workers to work from the ladder with both hands comfortably and safely.
  • To meet and exceed compliance and international standards.
  • A design fit for purpose, a critical piece of climbing equipment.
  • Periodic inspection schedule recommended.


 Model          Closed Height     Extended Height    

FED-FC 4.0     2.99m                    3.97m       

FED-FC 5.2     3.60m                     5.19m        

FED-FC 6.4     4.21m                     6.41m        

FED-FC 7.6     4.82m                     7.63m       

FED-FC 8.8     5.43m                     8.85m     


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