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• Ergonomical and comfortable working chair. Provides comfortable seating for an extended time during long hours of work, suspended at a height.
• Can be attached to Suspension Harnesses AFH300404 harness having a central Ring at the waist level (Ventral) to which the Karabiner is attached.
• The aluminum reinforcement in the easy seat makes it robust yet light in weight, weighing not more than 1320 gms.
• The loops at the end of the polyester webbing straps can be easily attached to the Ventral D-ring of the Harnesses mentioned.
• Has adjustable straps.
• Equipped with 3 loops for hanging tools, bucket etc.
• Easy to position at the back when not in use.
• Soft cushioned sides prevent the webbing straps from cutting into the thighs.

Easy Seat

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