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Product Description

Positive pressure air respirator, full mask made of high-quality silicone rubber, spherical anti fogging and hardening treatment PC panel;
quick socket type compact air supply valve, high strength and durable pressure reducer and safety valve;
pressure gauge and alarm in front of the chest, light weight ligament, back frame component with shoulder strap, ergonomic appearance, fit back, and equipped with comfortable belt;
6.8L fully wound carbon fiber composite cylinder, long-lasting gas supply;
full cover: high quality silicone rubber, PC panel, gas cylinder: carbon fiber winding, aluminum liner.

  • Cylinder volume: 6.8L
  • package specification: 1 set / box
  • mask material: silicone rubber material
  • connection mode of mask and gas supply valve: quick clamping type
  • initial alarm pressure: 5-6mpa
  • cylinder volume: 6.8L
  • theoretical service time: 45min
  • screw thread of bottle mouth: M18 * 1.5
  • cylinder material: Carbon fiber cylinder
  • type of medium pressure pipe: Standard
  • conforming to the standard: GB / t16556-2007

Deltaplus 106005 vescba01 positive pressure air respirator

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