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Brand: DELTAPLUS brand new 103014 helmet noise-proof earmuffs

Sales quantity: 1PCS/package

Efficacy: noise prevention: NRR 25db / SNR 30 db

Structure and function: ABS shell, cup cover synthetic foam sponge, helmet wearing style can be adjusted tightly, wearing hygienic, safe, soft and comfortable, sound insulation effect is good.

Please note! The sale is earmuffs, excluding helmets, the price does not include the helmets in the picture, no helmets!



  •  F1 special anti-noise earmuffs, ABS casing,
  • Double-layer adjustable headband with extra metal reinforcement for uniform head force on different head shapes
  • The inner venting headband minimizes head pressure and is lined with synthetic foam cushions for maximum comfort.
  • Also equipped with independent suspension,
  • User-friendly design, more convenient to carry, 1 carrying bag with earmuffs

Deltaplus 103014. MAGNY HELMET ear muff SNR 32 db

SKU: P080016
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