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1, AES plastic has weather resistance properties and applys to indoors or outdoors;
2, With good acid proof ,alkali prevention performence, 304 SS is ideal for harsh environment;
3, Pull rod with triangular handle is easy to operate for showers;
4, The design with equal length of main pipes makes packaging more compact so that helps to save space and cost;
5, Equiped with flat washer in quick coupling to prevent leakage between joints and fitting;
6, Flow regulator is built in shower arm tube;
7, The shower head delivers a large volume flushing fluid spread evenly in a precise pattern and controlled flow rate;
8, Be activated by push handle or foot pedal easily;
9, The coin slot hidden faucet aerator is easy to remove and clean;
10, Dust cover is removed once unit started;
11, Comply with ANSI Z358.1-2014 and AS 4775-2007.

Combination Emergency Safety Shower WG7053FY

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