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A system to ensure the height worker is safe while ascending, descending or accidental fall, slip or medical issue.


Features of this product

  • Cross Bar and Upper Pulley
  • Run Work Position Hook
  • Non-slip Rungs
  • Tether Tensioner
  • Box Rail Rung Joining System
  • Tether Rope
  • Rope Bag
  • Vertical Lifeline (configured for rescue)
  • Lower Tether Hooks
  • Level Bubble
  • Descender
  • Extra Wide TerrainMaster


Specifications of this product

  • Load Rating: Ladder: 150kg / Fall Control: 120kg
  • Electrical Properties: Non-conductive
  • Heat Resistance: 130 Degrees Celsius
  • Weight Without bag:9kg / With bag: 39.9kg
  • Distance Between Rungs:305m
  • Closed/Stored Height:43m
  • Extended Height:85m
  • Width Fly:370m / Base: 0.450m

Branach - Fibreglass Fall Control System Ladder | FED 8.8 FC

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