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Product Description

  • New tank - TIS standard - Grade A - High heat resistance - 100% non-explosive
  • The liquid is a volatile liquid gas that is colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and not a conductive medium. And does not leave dirty stains after injection, causing no damage to various objects, therefore suitable for use with electrical equipment And especially electronic devices
  • The solution has received UL standards
  • HCFC-123 is a clean substitute for Halon 1211 in the HCFC Blend B group, friendly to the environment
  • Able to fire all kinds of fires (Class A, B, C)
  • Visibility Clear vision while injecting


Other conditions
for mutual understanding between buyers and sellers and good friendship Please understand the conditions.
Technical details

  •  tank size (Model) 15 LBS
  •  tank weight (Weight of Container) 2.6 Kg.
  •  Weight of Agent 6.8 Kg.
  •  Gross Weight 9.4 Kg.
  •  Overall Height 555 mm
  •  Shell Diameter 152 mm
  •  Working Pressure 195 PSI
  •  Discharging Time 20 SEC
  •  Shooting Range 6-8 m

ABC 15 FM Green - Dry Chemical fire Extinguisher 15 LBs

SKU: P050027
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