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The new Miller Falcon Edge is an edge-tested automatic SRL that is suitable for all work situations, including those requiring low-angle anchoring when working on edges for versatility, reliability and maximum safety.

A product that suits all work situations
Product tested on edges with an angle radius ≥ 0.5mm thanks to its angle-resistant energy absorption system according to the latest normative requirements.
Tested at 136 kg in all situations in height: horizontally, vertically, with fixation at the feet and near edges

- Comfort and freedom of movement:
2 swivels (on the carabiner at the end of the cable and on the housing) prevent the cable from twisting and improve the retraction of the cable.

- Better security:
Easy visual inspection thanks to integrated fall arrest indicator.
Energy absorption system protection, UV and moisture resistant (IP67 sealing)

- Reliability:
Durable design with components resistant to corrosion.
Extended life duration.

1034055-New EDGE FALCON SRL ET 18m, G2_edited

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