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Blue Eagle FC48G5 Dark Green Visor Face shield

Materials: PC (Polycarbonate)


  • Provide protections against high-speed impact (120 m/s) at extremes of temperature (55 °C and 5 °C), penetration, splash of liquids, and heat.
  • Professional UV filter, which filters out 99.9 % of UV rays. CE EN170 Scale Number: 2-5 , ANSI Z87+ Shade Number: U5
  • Protective films on both sides (prevent damages and scratches during transportation).
  • Size:8 x 15½" (203 x 393 mm)
  • Thickness: 1.0 mm
  • Safety Standard: EN166, EN170, ANSI Z87+

FC48G5 Faceshield shade - Faceshield shade 5 (dark green)

SKU: P020025
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